cliche_you_say (cliche_you_say) wrote in gayxscenexkids,

My name is Ariel Antoinette. Don't try to pronounce it correctly, you might hurt yourself.

As for the whole scene thing..I dont consider myself a "scene kid" persae...but I listen to alot of the same music and by appearance I seem to be one. Take that and add in the random factor I am a Lesbian...and well, there is my reason for joining this community


I'm 16, I hate love, I'm obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I smoke too many cigarettes, and I take random pictures.


no makeup = good times

my sister and I...apparently the one wearing the really odd face that makes her look like she has a birth defect due to the Gulf War....would be my sister.

Im the other.

I look really scared here..perhaps the fact I look like a grunge hippie (dont worry..I was making a video and that was my "look")

I Have chocolate on my friend gave me a chocolate kiss...ew.


The Divinyls song has inspired me to touch myself.


my best friend Andy and I. He is also gay...and we are told that if we werent both extremely queer we'd make beautiful children..ha

mmm...that is all. And yea..I'm random I know.

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